We're open!

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We're open!
On November 3, 2010 in Budapest, the first group of the Russian-speaking kindergarten "Matryoshka" began its work. We would like to greet our first pupils, their parents, and the dedicated team of nurses and teachers!
Our kindergarten provides:
- attentive, professional teachers and nurses
- many different creative and intellectual activities
- renovated, well-equipped rooms, kitchen, gym and courtyard
- small groups
- four meals a day
- сlean, fresh air (the kindergarten is situated in one of Budapest's green areas)
- programs on special occasions (celebrations, birthdays, etc)
We are doing everything for your child's comfort!


2010. október 28.

Dear Parents!

We are offering you one more possibility to take a closer look at our kindergarten and ask all questions that might arise. We are expecting you on November 2, 2010. from 8.00 until 14.00.
October 17, 2010.

Dear Parents & Kids!

We sincerely invite you to our Russian language kindergarten's visitors' day held on 17 october 2010 (Sunday).

1. Meeting with our teachers and nurses.
2. Q&A regarding technical details.
3. Mini-concert.
Start: 12.00
We hope to see you soon!